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     Wow, it’s finally here! This has been a long hard road getting this website up and running. I’d like to thank the folks a Next Generation Designs who did the heavy lifting-Katherine, Mike, Josh, Alicia, Debbie, and everyone else. Thanks Mike H. for pointing me in their direction. I was an author who’d never had a website and they were a website company who never made one for an author. What a great match! All in all, I’d say it worked out great!

     Here’s some of our features. The homepage holds the rotating banner with links to my book and author page. It also has a Facebook feed and a ‘call to action’ section, where key information will be posted. At the bottom of the page is a link to this blog as well.

     The ‘Books’ page has links to purchase my books. As of right now, you can get them from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks. You can also purchase autographed copies directly from me, using either PayPal or a credit card.

     The ‘Blog’ page, where you are right now, will be updated with random thoughts on a variety of topics.

     The ‘News’ page is the area where ‘News worthy’ items will be posted. They might be listed somewhere else on the signt, but this page will be their permanent home. 

     The ‘Bio’ page contains a brief biography of yours truly. There’s also a section covering the Air Commando Foundation. I encourage you to read this section and follow the link if you’re willing to support our air commando’s and their family during times of crisis.

     I’m pretty excited about our new website. It’s doing what we need right now and is primed for growth as we move into the future.

     Let us know what you think about it:


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The Bottom Line: Guaranteed to please Brad Thor fans, this terrific military thriller finds Moscow hardliners plotting to assassinate the next U.S. president.Moscow, 1995. A small group of communist hardliners, intent on overthrowing the existing Russian regime, gather to discuss operational details. Confident that their plans will work, there’s just one problem – Senator Jonathan Bowman, the man who seems destined to become the next U.S. president, is a Reagan-esque figure who might be willing to risk military intervention to prop up the struggling Russian democracy. At last, the KGB’s Nikolai Gregarin stands to announce his solution: “Gentlemen, within twenty days, we will assassinate the man favored to win the Republican nomination.”

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Article on Book Bomb fundraiser for ACA

SATCOM Publishing and the Air Commando Association (ACA) are teaming up to promote award winning author Michael Byars Lewis’ novel SURLY BONDS for a fundraising effort to support the ACA Foundation Endowment. The ACA Foundation Endowment assists with unmet needs of Air Commando families during critical times.

The event is an August 15th ‘Book Bomb’, a one day surge to generate donations. To support the ACA Foundation Endowment, go to and purchase one or more copies of Michael Byars Lewis’ SURLY BONDS in paperback or Kindle. A portion of the royalties from books/Kindle books purchased during the August 15th ‘Book Bomb’ will go to support the ACA Foundation Endowment.

The Air Commando Association Foundation Endowment is a fully tax deductible 501(c)(3) devoted to helping Air Commandos and their families; past present, and future in times of unmet needs. All donations to this Foundation are 100% committed to this end as all administrative and other overhead costs are absorbed by the ACA. The ACA is the United States Special Operations Command Care Coalition’s “go to” organization when no other agency is able.

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Pilot and author Michael Byars Lewis is a man of various talents. Trained as an artist as a young man, he worked his way through college selling paintings and working as an illustrator for a Baton Rouge advertising agency.  After graduating from Louisiana State University, he did what every college graduate does . . . he moved to the beach to sell suntan lotion. After getting serious about life, he set his sights on a flying career, sold everything he had that would sell, and began taking flight lessons. His first flight, in a Cessna 152, was a memorable one. It took place on a grass runway and the first approach to land had to go around because a cow was on the runway! Things improved from there and Michael went on to a distinguished military and civilian flying career  in a variety of high performance aircraft. A professional pilot, he has accumulated over 5,000 flying hours in military and civilian flying, including his time as an airline pilot flying the 737-200 and the 737-800.

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